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Lautgetreue Lese-Rechtschreibförderung Band 2/1
2., vollständig überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage
New publication
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Lautgetreue Lese-Rechtschreibförderung Band 2/2
3., durchgesehene Auflage

About us

Our publishing company is located in Bochum, one of the university cites in the Ruhr region. This area is widely known for its coal extraction and heavy industry. Due to having carried out this function, the Ruhr region has been in the centre of migration movements since the second half of the 19th century. The first immigrants who came to work in the region were from Polish coal areas. Afterwards, workers from southern European countries and Turkey followed. The multiculturalism is still present and highly acknowledged in the Ruhr metropolis. Since the termination of coal mining and the relocation of steel industries to other countries, a structural change of the economy in our region has taken place and is still continuing.
The focus of our publishing program
Our company was founded in 1984 and has developed in the environment described above. Throughout the years, two focuses emerged and create synergies between the historical and current educational research:
–  On the one hand, there is the launching of books and exercise materials to support individuals suffering from dyslexia. We are proud to be one of the leading companies of this domain in the German speaking nations. Highly qualified and awarded therapists are among our authors and it is together with them that we developed the well- known material.
– On the other hand, we concentrate on historical and cultural sciences as well as the social sciences. Apart from the antiquity studies, our publishing program contains works of all epochs from the Middle Ages until today.
We also participate in the development of the humanities and cultural studies by means of our various book series. We have launched products about female and gender studies, personal testimonial research, iconographical research, European history, Jewish history as well as central issues and debates in the individual disciplines, especially in history.
Our contribution to international research
Up to today, we have published numerous works in German, English and French and have a sizable number of international researchers and authors. Besides, the translation of English and French works into German has lead to an improved access to international research and its findings.
The international focus of our program is further shown by the fact that our books can be found in libraries all over the world: from Northern America to the southern countries of the continent, from Finland to Japan. Besides, we regularly attend international meetings and expositions with our company's stand.
The following three examples are used to illustrate how we contribute to the internationalization of research:
1. The book series Herausforderungen – Historisch-politische Analysen (engl.: Challenges – Historical-political analyses)
clearly mirrors the international orientation of our publishing program. Central topics are
– European history,
– human rights,
– political theory.
Not only have books been published in German but also in French and in some of the works, several languages are combined within one volume. Authors from different countries have contributed to these publications. Translated and edited English and French works are also part of this series.
2. The Yearbook of the Austrian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
The Habsburg Monarchy was one of the leading European powers during the 18th century. This was, for instance, realized by its political as well as cultural influences. Conflicts with the French and British reigns resulted in political and military developments that had impacts from America to South-East Asia.
Due to its content, the series is a central component of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies and herein functions similar to XVIIIe siècle in France and Lumen in Canada as an interdisciplinary element of the 18th-Century Research. The interdisciplinary yearbook contains peer-reviewed articles in German, English, French and Italian.
In addition to the Yearbook, the Beihefte (the complementary series) has been created as an International Series which publishes works mainly in English and French as well as in German.
The Yearbook is also listed in the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) of the European Science Foundation (listed in the category INT2 (International publications with significant visibility and influence in the various research domains in different countries)) and underlines the importance and reputation of the series.
The yearbook can be found in form of subscriptions or in selected volumes in the libraries of the following nations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark. Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA.
Several works on the Age of Enlightenment have been published – some of them in English. They are mainly about topics connected to educational research.
3.  The Kleine Schriftenreihe zur Militär- und Marinegeschichte, a series about the history of army and navy, is promoted by the German Navy Museum in Wilhelmshaven. It is the only German series which has published works about navy history on a regular basis since 2001. The series contains a broad range of topics: from the founding of a navy in the 19th century over their Chinese interventions to South America and to the recent operations at the Horn of Africa.
Our advertisement
Our advertising policies correspond to the already described focus of our company: Beside the German university and non-university research institutes, over 2,400 institutes world wide that lay emphasis on history, European and German research get personalized information about the newly launched items. All European National Libraries as well as about 400 US university libraries and 800 institutes of the mentioned research areas are among the addresses which we inform about our program. Furthermore, approximately 1,700 international researchers are addressed personally.
Apart from this, each new publication is offered to journals from all over the world for review. In addition, the media in all German speaking countries are contacted.
Our memberships
Our publishing company is closely tied to advances in technology and research by means of memberships in the following associations:
– the Committee of Historical Sciences in Germany,
– the Middle Ages Society
– the Group for Research about Female and Gender Studies (AKHFG e.V.),
–  the Division 1 – History of Education of the German Pedagogy Committee,
– the Federal Association of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and its State Association in North-Rhine Westphalia,
– the Association of Special Schools in Rhineland-Palatinate,
– the Association of Primary Schools – Arbeitskreis Grundschule e.V.,
– the Committee Friends of the Reading Foundation,
– the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and its State Association in North-Rhine Westphalia,
– the Working Group for Electronic Publishing (AKEP) of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association.
Enjoy browsing our website and also visit our stand on the conferences we attend (you can find further details when clicking on the left navigation bar button).
Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions, problems or suggestions.
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